Frequently Asked Questions

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Setting up Tunelet

  • System Requirements

Tunelet supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and newer.

  • I open Tunelet and it says "Launch iTunes". What do I do?

Simply click on the "Launch iTunes" button to open iTunes. Tunelet requires iTunes to be running, as this is where your music will play from.

  • How do I disable or enable the keyboard shortcut?

Open Tunelet and click on Settings (Gear icon) > Keyboard Shortcut. A checkmark means it's enabled, otherwise it's not.

  • How do I show or hide the song name and artist in the menubar?

Open Tunelet and click on Settings (Gear icon) > Show Titlebar. A checkmark means it's enabled, otherwise it's not.

  • How do I disable the iTunes notification banners?

Since Tunelet displays the current song information in the Mac OS X menubar, you may wish to disable the iTunes song notifications. You can do so under System Preferences > Notifications > iTunes. Just set the iTunes alert style to None.


Using Tunelet

  • How do I adjust the music volume?

Move your mouse pointer over the titlebar or Tunelet icon and scroll up to raise the volume, or down to lower it.  This will adjust the music volume independently of the system volume - great if you are watching a video or taking a call!

  • How do I rate my music?

When a song is playing, the current star rating will be displayed in the bottom right corner. Just click on a star to change it!

  • How do I use search?

To search for a song, type it into the search bar at the bottom of Tunelet. You can search for the song, artist or album name. Just click on a song to play it!

  • Can I quickly open the currently playing song in iTunes?

Yep! Simply click on the album art - iTunes will open and highlight the current song.

  • What are the keyboard shortcuts?
    • ⌃ + ` - Quickly open Tunelet
    • ESC - Closes Tunelet when open

    • ⌘ + 0 - Unrate the song

    • ⌘ + 1 - Rate one star

    • ⌘ + 2 - Rate two stars

    • ⌘ + 3 - Rate three stars

    • ⌘ + 4 - Rate four stars

    • ⌘ + 5 - Rate five stars


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